Project GLAD Origin Story

Project GLAD® was developed by Marcia Brechtel and Linnea Haley in the 1980's and was originally called Project GLEP (Guided Language Experience Process). Their unique perspectives and styles allowed for a comprehensive and amazing program to be created. They formulated this model to focus on academic language acquisition, literacy development, and building cross-cultural skills. Brechtel and Haley designed the strategies and model to specifically target and promote rapid growth with groundbreaking efficiency.

After field testing Project GLAD for nine years with the United States Department of Education at school sites across the nation with unmatched success, Marcia and Linnea developed a professional development model for national dissemination for their instructional model. Marcia led the National Training Center for years in spreading GLAD far and wide. During that time, Be GLAD developed, owned, and operated the website, moving Project GLAD into the 21st Century. Currently Marcia and Linnea advise and provide on-going support in the spread of GLAD exclusively with Be GLAD. 

We have continued to research and field-test our practice over the past two decades with increasing success. Our organization has exclusively continued to earn the highest measures of student performance.

As the only organization endorsed by the co-creators Marcia Brechtel and Linnea Haley, it's our goal to help the nation and world ‘Be GLAD’. We're focusing on learning acceleration and rebounding from recent learning dips and gaps with our Award Winning Instructional System. 

For more details, contact us anytime toll free at 1-844-get-GLAD (844-438-4523) or


Be GLAD Educator Professional Development

With a research-based and field-tested model, we find we are remarkably successful every place we go. Our clients have earned numerous awards from distinguished schools, gold ribbon winners, and model schools to name a few. Some of our more unique recognitions have come from Oprah for one of our partner schools.

Our professional development model has earned high recognition from many states, universities, and experts in the field. Our most notable award, “Program of Academic Excellence,” comes from the U.S. Department of Education.

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Still have questions?  We're here to help
Still have questions? We're here to help

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